Workshop Report on “Funding Microfinance: Leveraging International Practices for Vietnam”

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In order to create the opportunity to communicate and exchange information between microfinance organizations and investors or other stakeholders to develop microfinance funds in Vietnam, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group co-organized a workshop called “Funding Microfinance: Leveraging International Practices for Vietnam” on December 5th 2015 in Hanoi. The workshop was co-sponsored by ADA organization and MetLife Foundation-Give2Asia organization.

Workshop gave a brief overview of operating capital, methods and situations of mobilization of the funds held in Vietnam in order to provide a bird’s eye view for investors. At the same time, representatives from the International Finance Corporation has shared investment model to develop microfinance from other countires, and experience for the development of investment capital into the microfinance market in Vietnam. The workshop provided a platform for investors from the International Finance Corporation, BlueOrchard Organization, financial investment company Symbiotics, and Credit Fund of the Women’s Union to introduce products, services, prices, processes to product and service, and practical experiences when investing in Vietnam market including difficulties and challenges… Through the workshop, representatives of microfinance institutions have the opportunity to explore the capital, discuss with investors on the method as well as the ability to invest in Vietnam.

The workshop received attention from 26 representatives from 12 microfinance institutions, 4 investors and Vietnam Microfinance Working Groups.

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