Webinars on making digital finance more responsible and inclusive

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Digital credit has emerged as a new and profitable service offering that has great potential to increase financial inclusion. Yet, if it is not carefully managed, digital credit runs a great risk to exclude, over-charge, and over-indebt. Seven years since the first digital credit product launched, the market in Kenya has grown exponentially and hosts a diverse ecosystem with more than 50 supply-side actors. The phenomenal expansion of digital credit in Kenya serves as a test-bed and offers lessons for digital credit suppliers and regulators around the world. SPTF and the Smart Campaign commissioned MSC to study the dynamics of the digital credit sector on both the demand and supply sides. The output of the study was a comprehensive report on the current state of digital credit in Kenya. It looks at the evolving challenges in digital credit and makes recommendations for a more responsible and customer-centric delivery of the product. This study was made possible through the generous contribution of the Agence Française de Développement.

The hour-long webinar will help participants to understand the digital credit landscape in Kenya, assess the progress and challenges around making digital credit responsible and inclusive, and recommend steps toward a more responsible delivery of digital credit in any market.

We offer the session on four separate dates to suit the availability and language preferences of participants:.

  1. Sep 25 – in English – start time is 9h00 EDT.
  2. Oct 2 – in English – start time is 4h00 EDT
  3. Oct 9 – in French – start time is 9h00 EDT
  4. Oct 16 – in Spanish – start time is 13h00 EDT