Vietnam small and medium enterprises association (VINASME)

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Vietnam small and medium enterprises association (VINASME) is the national employment-social organization & SMEs’ association with the biggest members in Vietnam.

Establishment & development
– On 19th July 2005: 300 SMEs as membership & 2 provincial cooperative alliances as members.
– After over 12 operating years: 62,000 SMEs as membership, 59 Local Business Association / Small and Medium Enterprises are members.

Key activities
– To collect and submit enterprises’ ideas to ministries, agencies and government.
– To join formulating, disseminating and instructing conduction of policies & laws.
– To protect legitimate interests of members.
– To communicate, advertise and provide information for enterprises.
Advocacy on conducting policies, laws, joint venture trade promotion.
– To support loans and human training.
– To conduct projects on supporting enterprises’ sustainable development.
– To conduct movements of culture, sport, social welfare, emulation & rewards.

Some specific operation targets in 2016 -2021
– To improve the role and responsibility of Vinasmes in developing organization and conducting policies and laws on SMEs development.
– To advocate and support enterprises business and production, raise competitiveness & social responsibility, develop network of providing services for SMEs to develop sustainably.
– To protect legitimate interests of members.
– 100% central provinces and cities have got SMEs representatives joining Vinasmes membership; 40% SMEs which is running are members; to improve organizational structure and operation quality of central and member Vinasmes./.