Vietnam Microfinance Bulletin No.16

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Dear Readers,

Warm Greetings to all readers and wish you a good health from Vietnam Microfinance Working Group.

Year 2010 has been passing with many events important to the operations of the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group. With the strong commitments of group members and effective support from the State Bank of Vietnam, Asian Development Bank(ADB); Ford Foundation, Cordaid, ADA, SEEP network, International Labour Organization(ILO), Save the Children(SC), Planet, and many other international and national organizations, the Group has made remarkable achievements in its efforts to advocacy for a conducive legal framework, seeking funding, organizing training courses for capacity building, sharing information at workshops, updating the bulletins and the website.

These activities are appropriate to the goals of developing a sustainable, professional and efficient microfinance industry in Vietnam.

Over the few past years, Vietnam microfinance institutions have been busy transforming into professional entities under the legal regulations on microfinance operations in Vietnam. The dynamic industry has encouraged creative thinking on how management of microfinance institutions can improve to become more efficient and more sustainable providers of a diverse array of financial and non-financial products that holistically services the needs of the poor.

According to recent observations, the rise of microfinance has brought about various innovations in the industry, especially in Asia. The success of new products and services has demonstrated how microfinance can be even more successful in alleviating poverty and assisting the poor if it is coupled with complementary products, greater accountability and transparency. The provision of financial and non-financial services has also become the foundation for thriving social enterprises and micro-enterprises.

The Vietnam Microfinance Bulletin No.16 with the subject “Microfinance products and services ”hopes to share useful information to the readers the development and implementation of new services and how microfinance institutions can gain from diversifying their product range so that they can respond best to the needs of the poor and low-income people.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the organizations and individuals for contributing information, data and articles to the Bulletin and look forward to your continued support.

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The Editorial Team