ThanhHoa microfinance institution implements loan product for ethnic minorities and vulneralble groups

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At the moment, the poor and near poor who search for an increase in income in Ha Trung district is still facing many difficulties such as shortage of working capital, means of production, or knowledge of business, … Therefore, instead of direct support in cash or materials, the program provides diversity loan products to improving income and quality of life in a sustainable way. ThanhHoa Microfinance institution also regularly organizes training sessions on finance, how to get loans and use capital effectively to improve the income and repay well. Apart from the economic benefits, clients also join to the groups to share and exchange business and family care experience.

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Until now, there are 668 members in four communes in Ha Trung district participating in loans of ThanhHoa Microfinance institution, which consist of 95% women, 2.4% are ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups, 5% getting loans to build water systems or sanitary latrines, biogas. After a period of time, the clients loved the friendly and efficient loans and the repayment method: “get whole loan once, repaid over months”. It is easy to borrow, easy to repay and also allow customers to get the next loan cycle with higher capital levels. The on time refund rate of the Ha Trung district is 100%.