Microfinance in Vietnam: Lessons learnt from transformation

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In the desire to provide information, analysis, evaluation and experience from transformation process of MFIs in Vietnam ( TYM, M7-MFI and Thanh Hoa MFI), this Research has been conducted with the support of Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) in data collection, synthesis of experiences, direct interview with leaders, managers of MFIs and individual participants.

The Microfinance 2015 Report focused on three main objectives:
(i) Generalize the impacts of the transformation into official MFIs;
(ii) Identify the difficulties in the process of transforming to official MFIs, thereby, assisting microfinance projects/programs in developing the initiative, planning with appropriate solutions in transformation;
(iii) Suggest solutions and recommendations for MFIs, government agencies, and other related parties to create a favorable environment for transformation.

The research shall assist microfinance practitioners in gaining autonomy, clearly defining the motivations, evaluating difficulties and short-comings, as well as developing suitable deployment plans and feasible transforming roadmap (including financial resources, human resources, business plan and organizational structure,…). These initial preparations should create favorable condition for easily implementing the transition from the microfinance organizations, programs and projects into official MFIs as prescribed by the current legislation, as well as prescribe the inadequacies of the microfinance framework and policies. Whereby, the Research “Microfinance in Vietnam: Lessons learnt from transformation” expects to be the useful material for microfinance practitioners, policy makers and Government Agencies in developing an efficient and stable microfinance sector.

Within the scope of this research, by synthesizing experiences, analysis, and evaluations rigorously and systematically, the research group expects the content, recommendations of this report to be practical and useful information in the successful transition for institutions that desire to transform into official MFIs. The Research “Microfinance in Vietnam: Lessons learnt from transformation” expects to meet the urgent requirements of the microfinance sector. Moreover, the Group hopes to communicate the experiences of developing specified, feasible, cost-savings transition program, and plan for microfinance programs / projects that desire to transform and develop better conditions for microfinance activities in Vietnam. Again, those experiences, results, suggestions, and recommendations indicated in the report are expected to bring up the practical and realistic values. The result of this research shall be the useful materials for further research, microfinance practitioners, government agencies
and policy makers.

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