We sincerely share with you the Annual Report 2018 to represent for you our activities in 2018. The activities last year showed our commitment to build and develop a dynamic, professional, sustainable and socially responsible microfinance industry to provide high-quality financial services meeting the needs of poor, low-income people and micro-enterprises, to execute the National Financial Inclusion Strategy in Vietnam; to become an information hub of microfinance. VMFWG’s advocacy activities maintained the efficiency: successfully organize workshops and training; regularly share legal documents related to microfinance activities in Vietnam; actively discuss and provide feedback & recommendation to the draft legal documents on microfinance; organize field trips for policymakers to visit and observe microfinance activities in the local communities. Specifically, 2018 was the first year VMFWG cooperated with the State Bank of Vietnam to organize workshop “Microfinance in support of Financial Inclusion” and the Citi-Vietnam Microentrepreneurs Awards (CMA 2018) in the State Bank of Vietnam. During the workshop, the Deputy Governor stated: “2019 is the year of microfinance”.

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