Development or Domestication? Indigenous people of Southeast Asia

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Code : DEV-ENG-015
Editors : Don McCaskill / Ken Kampe
Amount : 2
Type : Original
Status : 1/1


In this fascinating and important work, readers will the myriad of topics both familiar and neglected which are confronting the indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia. Twenty four essays present unique and insightful perspective on the much-debated issues of development, tourism, prostitution, AIDS, and drugs, linking them to the pivotal issues of culture, region, and the environment. Comprehensive, useful, and readable, Development or Domestication? Is a necessary addition to the library of the Southeast Asia scholar or enthusiast. It describes the changing social structure, ecosystems, economies, and governance of different ethnic groups in Southeast Asia, asking probing questions about our responsibility to these people. Edited by Don McCaskill and Ken Kampe, both familiar names in development studies, this book will sheds new light on the many indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia.

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