Additional capital sources, improve the knowledge when engaged in micro finance activities of M7MFI

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Ms. Vu Thi Hoa  –  Group  2 – Vinh Hong zone – Mao Khe town – Dong Trieu district– Quang Ninh provincep

Gia đình chị Vũ Thị Hoa và sản phẩm cây cảnh từ vốn TCVMMs. Hoa is a regular member of the cluster 15 of Trading room No.4 – Dong Trieu Branch – M7MFI. She has joined M7MFI’s loan program for over 3 years. Currently her credit balance is VND 14.000.000 and the payment per period is VND 669.000, M7MFI also supported to participate in mutual funds with small amount of VND 23.000 per month. With funding from microfinance, adding her family’s general fund, she and her husband have invested in plants, as potted plants and garden construction for customers. She and her husband had three children, the oldest is 6 years old and the youngest is over 2 years old. She said: “This kind of loans is small but very convenient to repay, and also adds to the family business capital which help to increase income and decrease cost , in addition, I also learned the parenting experience from the sisters in the cluster, learned how to manage cash flow more effectively after participate in the training courses of M7MFI “. This is a difference of microfinance with other financial services, it is not only meant to support economic development but also enhance customer’s knowledge, contribute important role to overall social safety of local.

March 20, 2013

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Nguyen Thi Tuyet Mai

VMFWG Managing Director