ADA organization

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ADA is a Luxembourgish NGO that works to promote inclusive finance worldwide. ADA is convinced that access to financial services can bring about a lasting improvement in the living conditions of poor populations. Therefore, ADA supports inclusive finance professionals to help the approximately 2.5 billion adults locked out of the conventional financial system to aim for self-sufficient and decent lives. ADA has been developing effective financial products and services to fight poverty for almost 20 years. Research and innovation are key elements of its work. ADA favours supporting and training the players of inclusive finance in developing countries over assistance. This respects their autonomy and provides them with the tools they need to build their own future. ADA strives to create an effective, sustainable and highly social inclusive finance sector. All of ADA’s initiatives promote transparency and rigour in the sector. ADA supports the implementation of tools to measure social performance and transparency, as well as preventing over indebtedness. ADA strives to be a reliable partner to support the autonomous development of populations excluded from conventional financial services.

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