2015 VMFWG Annual Conference Report

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Vietnam Microfinance Working Group (VMFWG) was established as a forum for practitioners of microfinance to share information, exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas to overcome the difficult problem of the microfinance industry in Vietnam. Established in 2004 as an non-official organization of Resource Centre for Non-Governmental Organizations under the Union of Vietnam Friendship Organizations (VUFO), VMFWG officially became affiliated centers Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (VINASME) from January 09, 2011.

In 2015, the effort of VMFWG in advocacy work has generated the interest of the government and the policy work on microfinance operations through the issuance of documents creating a legal framework base for microfinance activities in Vietnam. On the other hand, the operating model of MFIs stabilize gradually and professionally, ensuring safe, effective governance and administration. Some organizations are in the process of preparing the conditions of governance, financial and human resource to make the transition into licensed microfinance institutions.

Held on December 5, 2015 in Hanoi, the VMFWG Annual Meeting 2015 has summarized and evaluated the achievements of the Executive Board with the participation of the Central Council as well as members to discuss about the difficulties and challenges of the network in the past year and provide ideas to improve in the following years. At the same time, the conference is also a place to share comments and learn between Members on the content of VMFWG including the establishment plan Vietnam Microfinance Association, Operational Plan of the central council, the circular draft which have a major impact on the operation of the microfinance industry in Vietnam and the proposed decision of the Prime government regulation on microfinance program activities and projects.

The information exchange part and FAQs with the participation of the members focus on main issues: (i) Reports of VMFWG contributing orientation to operate in 2015 and 2016; (Ii) Establishment of Microfinance Planning Association; (Iii) Strengthening the apparatus and operation of the central council in 2016 VMFWG.

In addition, the conference is an opportunity for members to meet, exchange and share experiences or practical lessons drawn from operation. In addition, this is also an opportunity for members to compare their organizations with others, which helps to acknowledge advantages and disadvantages, what have been done and what needs to be done in order to improve the organization, contributing to the overall development of the network of MFIs.