2013 VMFWG Annual Report

This post is also available in: Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

With the commitment of member activities and donor support in 2013 VMFWG has made significant achievements in four areas:

Firstly, improve the enabling policy environment for the development of microfinance through successful advocacy of policies prescribing interest rate ceiling for microfinance institutions, is an important factor facilitating sustainable activities and encouraging thr transformation into professional organizations in Vietnam.

Secondly, enhance access to business development services based on member needs through workshops on micro pension insurance; the Fifth Microfinance Conference “MFI Transformation in Vietnam”; training needs assessment, and capacity building training for 142 staffs of microfinance.

Thirdly, provide reliable information for the industry through completing and sharing research results on “Sustainability levels of the microfinance institutions in Vietnam: Current status and recommendations”,

Especially, the Citi – Vietnam Microentrepreneurship Awards 2013 (CMA 2013) was successfully organized to honour the contribution of 10 MFIs, 01 microfinance project, 30  micro-entrepreneurs and 05 Excellent Credit Officers.

Finally, by becoming a representative and professional microfinance network in Vietnam, VMFWG implements network capacity evaluation and starts its preparation for its transformation into an official Microfinance Association.

Finally, to become a professional network and represents the industry Vietnam, VMFWG to evaluate network capacity and starts preparing transformed into Microfinance Association official.

This conversion is the biggest challenge of network, and the 2014 will be the priority year to implement this step. VMFWG will focus on enhancing the capacity of the network through the formal converted process of VMFWG; and then effectively implement strategic objectives of VMFWG which are evaluated and supervised by the members. Since then, VMFWG perhaps continue its mission is the representative and professional industry network of microfinance sector in Vietnam.

Representing for the Center for Microfinance resources of small and medium enterprises (formerly the Vietnam Microfinance Working Group – VMFWG), we would like to share the annual report of the Network, in which highlights the achievements of VMFWG activities in 2013  ( here )